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    Yerevan State University
The history of biochemistry in Armenia goes back as far as 1923-1924. The first biochemical laboratory was organized in Yerevan State University by initiative of Prof. Hakob Iohannessian. Thereafter a number of biochemical laboratories, departments and biochemical unions/societies were established in Armenia in the years of:
1928 Department of Biochemistry at Yerevan Agricultural Institute;
1930 Department of Biological Chemistry at Yerevan Medical Institute;
1935 Department of Biochemistry at the Armenian Branch of Chemical Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences;
1950 Till 1950 these departments were the main centers of biochemical investigations in Armenia. The problems were developed in two directions: influence of purine and protein compounds on the stability of vitamin “C”; effects of colamine, choline and acetylcholine in oxidation of unsaturated lipids, vitamin “A” and carotenes. Experts in these fields were Profs. H. Iohannessian, V. Kamentsev, and H. Ch. Buniatian;
1950 Department of Biochemistry at the Institute of Physiology;
1958 Department of Biochemistry at the Institute of Physiology in 1958 became a separate Research Sector  of Biochemistry at the Academy of Sciences of Armenian SSR (chaired by Prof. H. Ch. Buniatian);
1960 Department of Biochemistry at Yerevan State University;
1961 Laboratory of Biochemistry at Agricultural Institute;
1961 Institute of Biochemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Armenian SSR was founded, evolving the Sector of Biochemistry;
1982 Institute of Biochemistry was renamed as H. Buniatian Institute of Biochemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia;
1947-1957   Society, which united physiologists, biochemists and pharmacologists in Armenia;
1958 Armenian Biochemical Society established by the resolution of the Academy of Sciences of Armenian SSR. An important achievement at that period was the annual Issue “Problems of Brain Biochemistry” (Editor-in-chief H. Ch. Buniatian). The following periodicals were founded: Biological Journal of Armenia, Proceedings of the Natl. Acad. Sci. of RA, Neirokhimiya, Medical Science of Armenia;
1964 The Armenian Biochemical Society, a branch of the All-Union Biochemical Society of USSR was headed by Academician, Prof. Hrachia Ch. Buniatian. The Society actively supported Armenian scientists in biochemical studies, helped to develop scientific career, disseminated knowledge and latest achievements via lectureships, meetings and workshops, promoted participation in international meetings and programs, encouraged collaboration in the fields of basic and clinical biochemistry.
1964-1981 H. Buniatian, the first president of the Armenian Biochemical Society had an enormous input into the development of Biochemistry and Neurochemistry in Armenia. Member of the German Academy of Naturalists, Council of the International Society for Neurochemistry, IBRO, Biochemical Society of the USSR, he was also a member of number of editorial boards, including J. Neurochemistry. The generation of scientists, raised and trained at Buniatian’s School, became famous biochemists in Armenia and abroad;
Since 1981

Academician, Prof. Armen Galoyan has been elected as a President of the Armenian Biochemical Society;

2002 The Armenian Biochemical Society was renamed into the Armenian Association of Biochemists (AAB) and registered in Enterprises State Register of the Republic of Armenian as a non-governmental and non-profit organization;

The AAB became an Associate member of the Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS);





The AAB has been accepted as a Constituent member of the FEBS at the 48th   FEBS Council Meeting held on July 3and 4, 2008 in Athens, Greece.

The AAB became a member (associate adhering body) of the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (IUBMB). Read the welcoming letter of the president of IUBMB Angelo Azzi here.